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[D&D 5E] The Barbarian we should get

Barbarian Primal Level Points Class Features 1 3 Primality, Primal Feature 2 3 Primal Feature 3 4 - 4 4 Primal Focus 5 4 Primal Feature 6 4 - 7 4 Primal Focus 8 5 Primal Feature 9 5 - 10 5 Primal Focus 11 5 Primal Feature 12 5 - 13 6 Primal Focus 14 6 Primal Feature 15 6 - 16 6 Primal Focus 17 6 Primal Feature 18 7 - 19 7 Primal Focus 20 7 Primal Feature Level 1 Primality Each time your primal nature is triggered you can focus it and use it to your advantage. Choose Read more [...]

[D&D 5E] The Fighter we should get

This is the Fighter I think we should get: The Fighter Attack Level Bonus Class Features 1 +1 Expertise (2d6), 3 Expertise features 2 +1 Expertise Feature 3 +2 - 4 +2 Expertise Feature 5 +2 Expertise Feature 6 +2 Expertise (3d6) 7 +2 Deadly Strike (roll twice) 8 +3 Expertise Feature 9 +3 Expertise (4d6) 10 +3 Deadly Strike (roll three times) 11 +3 Combat Surge 1/day 12 +3 Expertise Feature 13 +4 Expertise (5d6) 14 +4 Combat Surge 2/day 15 +4 Deadly Strike (roll four times) 16 +4 Expertise Feature 17 +4 Combat Surge 3/day 18 +5 Expertise (6d6) 19 +5 Combat Surge 4/day 20 +5 Deadly Strike (roll five times) Level 1: Expertise Benefit: Read more [...]

[D&D 5E] The Paladin we should get

Paladin A Paladin can be of any alignment though the most common are usually Lawful. The defining characteristic of a Paladin is their almost fanatical all consuming devotion to a cause. Whether this cause is a diety, an ideal, or the opposition of a force or group. ... The Paladin Level Aura Radius Features 1 5 feet Paladin Aura, Choose 1 Aura, Channel Devotion, Choose 1 Channel Devotion 2 5 feet Gain 1 Aura 3 10 feet - 4 10 feet Gain 1 Channel Devotion 5 10 feet Gain 1 Aura 6 10 feet - 7 10 feet Gain 1 extra use of Channel Devotion 8 15 feet Gain 1 Aura 9 15 feet - 10 15 feet Gain 1 Channel Devotion 11 15 feet Gain 1 Aura 12 15 feet - 13 20 feet Gain 1 extra use of Channel Devotion 14 20 feet Read more [...]

[D&D 5E] The Wizard(mage) we should have got

Mage Level Spellcasting Features Bonus 1 +1 Esoteric Knowledge, Wizardry, Arcane Recovery (1st), Ritual Casting 2 +1 Arcane Tradition 3 +1 Arcane Recovery (2nd) 4 +1 Ability Score Improvement 5 +2 Metamagic 6 +2 Tradition Benefit 7 +2 Arcane Recovery (3rd) 8 +2 Ability Score Improvement 9 +2 Tradition Benefit 10 +2 Arcane Recovery (4th) 11 +2 Metamagic 12 +2 Tradition Benefit 13 +2 Arcane Recovery (5th) 14 +2 Ability Score Improvement 15 +3 Metamagic 16 +3 Tradition Benefit, Dual Cantrip 17 +3 Arcane Recovery (6th) 18 +3 Spell Mastery 19 Read more [...]

New Wizards of the Coast Forum

Well if you've been hanging out at the Wizards of the Coast forums, you'll have noticed a change lately. The forums is much more streamlined and look really great... ...If you are a half blind monkey that wears shades all the time that is. Don't believe me? Take a look: I'm not sure what went on, but it looks like they had to jump ship very quickly, as in 1-2 weeks, and throw up a new wizards of the coast forum somewhere. Likely because they don't have the money to pay for Onesites inferior service. Instead they will pay a lesser company for a new wizards of the coast forum that is only slightly less usable than the Onesite forum software, instead of going with something that is well known and well supported with hundreds of themes, plug-ins, and customization features like phpBB3 that is free, they are going with another custom built new wizards of the coast forum from an all but unknown company without a track record. So do you like the new wizards of the coast forum and Read more [...]

Contribute to OGL D&D retro clone ‘for everyone’

If you would like to contribute to a D&D retro clone 'for everyone' based on the OGL (so we can use D&D terminology). Please comment in the comments section. I'm thinking that we could do it by granting at each level the equivalent things that a class would have in their powers, and then tell the players to mix and match to create their own powers on level up. Then give default powers that look nothing like 4E or other edition powers. That way if people recreate 4E or another editions powers we aren't legally responsible. A lot of this can be done pretty easily. We could even make it modular so that people can put things in it to emulate certain editions play styles like weapon versus armor tables, a way to convert to thac0, a way to convert saves to and from 4E style defenses. If you've seen my work on other sites, then you know that my ideas could easily be used to create a game that everyone can play that would really bring the D&D players together. The best thing Read more [...]

Aetherianica Skill System Revealed

The Aetherianica Skill system is based on overcoming obstacles. You can overcome these obstacles with Traits, Enhancements, Abilities or Skills. If you use a Trait or Enhancement it's likely that no roll is involved and you simply succeed. You are innately equipped to handle the obstacle. An example of this would be an Enhancement that allowed you to fly equal to your move speed when you came upon a pit you needed to cross. You could simply fly over it no check required. If you use an Ability you may need to make a roll of some kind, if you succeeded on the roll you would overcome the obstacle. If you failed the roll you might get a Consequence (see below). Skills on the other hand allow you to overcome obstacles by rolling equal to or higher than a RT (Roll Target). The amount you roll higher than the RT removes a number of OP (Obstacle Points) from the obstacle. When the OP reach zero, you overcome the obstacle. Usually using a skill uses a single Action Segment. An Avatar (the Read more [...]

A new look at 4E Solos and Elites

I was looking over Mike Mearls's latest blog post Legend and Lore: Play Testing Dragons, when I realized you can do everything he did there in 4E in a very simply way RAW (Rules as Written). So I went back and decided to write an article on how to spice up Solos and Elites in 4E. Off Turn Actions The first thing that we can do is get rid of off turn action. Instead give the action or attack an initiative roll and insert it into the initiative. On that initiative roll your Solo or Elite can make that attack or do that action. This makes it act more than once in a round. Be sure and note if the creature can hold that action, delay it, or any other special features of the action. Status Effects The next thing is to deal with how status effects affect the creature. If you gave it extra actions as mentioned above you can do a little trick. Have the creature shrug off 'at the end of the creatures next turn' effects on the next turn of one of its off turn initiatives. This still has Read more [...]

Coming Soon: New version of Aetherianica

We are working internally on a new version of Aetherianica. We have simplified the action system. Streamlined the creation of Traits, Enhancements, and Abilities. We are also working on the Quick play version of the game. With this version of the game you will be able to pick your Species, Career, and Lifestyle and begin playing almost immediately. No extra choices. Just a quick jump in game.

Comments are also fixed. A plug-in had decided to do something without asking so I disabled it. Enjoy. Questions or comments please ask.

Aetherianica Kickstarter Project is Live!

The Aetherianica Kickstarter project is live. You can find it here: If you like the look of this table top role playing game then please check out the KickStarter and decide whether you want to donate. Some highlights: Aetherianica, a flexible open ended TTRPG that can emulate a variety of play styles and is as easy or complex as you want it to be! Aetherianica What is it? Aetherianica is a table top pencil and paper role playing game. A table top pencil and paper role playing game is like a board game that has a referee (Game Master) that describes situations and the players (PCs) describe what their imaginary characters do to overcome or work through the obstacles that are placed in front of them. The rules give them chances to do things successfully and describe their chances. Random chances are determined by rolling various sided dice (4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, %100). Pretty much anything can be tried by the players Read more [...]